“Math is fun when I understand!”    – Lily, 7th grade student

“My daughter has an A right now in Math, up from a D.  It’s a amazing!”   -Ashland

“I actually like graphing when I know how to do it.”  -Hannah, 8th grade


“Whenever she finishes with you, she always feels so good and positive.”  -Medford mom re: her 10th grade daughter in Geometry 

“Thank you!  👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽He just went through all 3 pages and explained it all to me. He got a kick out of being able to explain it all. And then he thanked me for having you work with him.”  -Ashland father re: his 4th grade son in math

“The other day, when we were praying before lunch, Scott said “Thank you for my tutor.” That says so much, and we are so grateful for your help.”  -Jacksonville, 4th grade

“I’ve never been so happy and excited to take a math test!”  -Lauren, 11th grade, Geometry

“She’s reading everything she can get her hands on.  It’s awesome!  Thank you.”   -Jamie, literacy preparation for daughter entering 1st grade

“Oh my God, you’re wonderful!  It’s like Christmas!”  -Math 211 student, after learning to understand different base numerals

“…She was a tremendous asset to both me and the students, and I heard nothing but glowing comments about her interactions with the students. Prior to the midterms and the final, Elizabeth gave her time generously to lead multiple study sessions in the library (offering them at a variety of times to try to fit students’ schedules). She was comfortable working with a single student or a larger group, and helped many students who were insecure about their math ability to feel comfortable with the subject matter.” (Tutoring for Math 213)

– Irv Lubliner
Department of Mathematics
Southern Oregon University

“Thank you, Elizabeth.  You are a joy to work with!”   -Rhianna

“I want to thank you for helping me through the difficult task of doing all that math in such a short period of time.”  – Ben, 12th grade, after completing an online Algebra II course in only 8 weeks.

“Elizabeth exhibits enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and confidence as an educator and has achieved all of the necessary proficiencies, dispositions and authorizations to be a highly qualified teacher. Her multicultural life experiences, her emotional maturity, her background knowledge and training have all contributed to the numerous gifts she has to offer students. She is dependable, ethical and responsible.
I strongly recommend Elizabeth…”

– Roni Adams, Ph.D
School of Education
Southern Oregon University

“…She provided the students with engaging, developmentally appropriate, academic activities. Her patience and kindness are coupled with an energy that is matched to young children. She is articulate, professional, respectful, compassionate and a pleasure to work with.”

– Jennifer Patterson
Third Grade Teacher
Orchard Hill Elementary